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Welcome to the new home of Team 2219: The Megahurts

Welcome to the home page of Team# 2219: The Megahurts. Our program works to advance STEM Education for learning disabled students through an integrated robotics curriculum at Brehm Preparatory School. Here you will find information about our team and our school; as well as, archives of our past FRC Seasons and useful information for other robotics teams. Check out our Resources Section for FRC, VEX and other useful code; as well as curriculum resources for teachers and mentors alike.

Our team was started in 2006 at Brehm Preparatory School, in Carbondale, IL U.S.A. We are a small private boarding school in the mid-west for Jr. High and High School students with complex learning disabilities. The school was founded in 1982 by Carol Brehm. Our FIRST Robotics Program and the Megahurts bring robotics and high level STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) experiences to students with learning disabilities; Allowing them to pursue careers not typically thought of when discussing students with learning differences.

After graduating from Megahurts we have students attending schools such as; Cal Poly Tech, Carnegie Mellon, DePaul, UW Stout - in such majors as; computer science, mechanical engineering, information systems technology, electrical engineering. In all of these instances the students possessed complex learning disabilities. This program clearly shows that when students are given the right opportunity, with the right mentors, and given the right motivation they can and do succeed!

Take a look around our site, we welcome feedback. Our game Archive has all of the competition animation for the years we were in FIRST. The Archives also have vector graphics (.eps) for the FIRST Logos and FIRST FRC Game Logos. As always we are willing to help any team that we can. Our team contact information is at the bottom of each page.