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If it ain't broke…wait a minute

2009 FRC Competiton: Lunacy

It has been an exciting, and stressful build season. Our robot features a double helix ball storage design; similar to a spiral staircase for game pieces that leads to a rotating turret on the top of the robot. This design differs greatly from the one we thought of on day one; a giant rotating storage/shooting turret with gears, belts, rollers and everything else that we could think of to put on it. Our existing and final design is simple yet efficient in completing its task.

Keep up to date with our team by checking out our new Lunacy Photo Gallery. It has been updated with over 100 images from our build season so far. There is a link to NASA’s website so you can see what this year’s challenge is all about. Join us and FIRST Robotics in celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing with FIRST Lunacy.

April 9th, 2010
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