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And the Body Appears

It is week two of the building phase and the team is hard at work, racing to completion. With only thirty-three days left, the team has already begun the process of programming and is on their way with construction. So far, this week has been focused on testing different parts of the robot (such as the arm), beginning to apply certain types of code to the “ brain”of the robot, and last but not least, the camera. One team member, Alex K. was asked his opinion on the most rewarding moment of the week; he answered, I think it was getting the camera working, that was pretty cool.

All around, the talk of the shop is that this camera is the highest-tech gadget created so far. I asked to see the device, prepared to be disappointed with a long, complicated explanation of how it is supposed to function, for if you do not have a degree in computer technology, or have been studying it for two months, you probably will not understand these complex review of how these machines work. Still, even I was able to appreciate the thinking this little machine can do.

According to Joe, the camera serves as the robots eyes. It is able to recognize the color green, which is the color of our goal, and survey the playing field to figure out how far away the robot is from the spider rack (see previous article for explanation). It can then move forward, both autonomously and with human direction.

Going the end of the first half, the excitement builds with every step taken towards completion, whether it is a mentor teaching a student how to weld for the first time, or testing a high tech camera, which can recognize the right color to lead us to victory. Week 3 is sure to bring more challenges, but there are determined teammates here to face them. Let’s hope for robot-mobility by the end of week!

By: Sara F., Student, Brehm Preparatory School

January 20th, 2007
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