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Havoc in the Ranks


Normally the term “Havoc in the Ranks,” is reserved for military situations. In my case, as well as many of my team member’s cases, it definitely applies to our robotics team. One might wonder how this could be applied though. Well, I’ll let you know.

In our robotics team, here at Brehm, we have designated roles. Such as team captain, programming captain, and there respective mentors. In the off season, the time period in which were NOT building for the FIRST Robotics competition, things run pretty smoothly. However, when it hits the kickoff, when our season starts, things deteriorate very, very quickly. This is due to the fact that we have a six-week, yes you heard me correctly, SIX-WEEK deadline to design, engineer, and build our robot. At first, everyone’s spirits are high and we’re not really worried about the end of the build season coming. For those who don’t know what this means, it means that at the end of the six weeks, we have to ship our robot to “a regional near you,” if we don’t get the robot shipped by the end of the six weeks, we’re disqualified. As you can imagine this would be a bit hectic, in fact it’s very much so. The room we work in gets messy, dirty, even hard to walk through at some points. The machine shop? – That’s an entirely different ball game.

When you enter Brehm’s version of the “Star Wars trash compactor,” you are “struck” by the shelves upon shelves of metal. The numerous pieces of metalworking equipment and machinery. The multiple and gigantic tool cases, and other miscellaneous scraps lying around, all stuffed into roughly a ten by twenty-five foot, double-ended garage. Yeah, it’s tight. Despite all this mess, the room and even the machine shop end up being clean at the end of the day… Well, most days.

On top of this, we cram twenty people into this mess like twenty clowns stuffed into a VW Bug. However we still finished second at the St. Louis, FIRST Robotics Regional last year.

– Neil

February 18th, 2010
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