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iRobot: My Personal Experience on the Brehm Robotics Team #2219

In the fall of 2007, I first came to Brehm. This was a time of unawareness. I didn’t really pay attention to anything that I would find important now, such as graduating, college, socializing with my peers, being productive and staying focused, let alone joining the robotics team. I had been in my own little world my whole life and had no interest in exposing myself to any other extraterrestrials. My second year, I was a little more interested… On second thought, I was a lot more interested and ended up joining in the middle of the season. Needless to say, I didn’t get too much done, because I was the equivalent of “fresh meat.” Now it’s my third year, and I’m a legitimate team member. I started at the beginning of the year; I am contributing, and I at least have a little bit of experience to go off of. I had been in programming class since my first year so I’m at least a little bit useful. I also love to design the ideas and methods for the ‘bot. These ideas are not always accepted, but at least I try. This year I’m a senior at Brehm, and a senior member of the team. I am trying my hardest to live up to that position. I’m not team captain; in fact I’m not a captain of anything. This however does not daunt my efforts to do for the team the best I can. I think it goes without saying that I enjoy being a part of such a phenomenal organization. It’s more than just our little team; it’s a whole league of teams, doing what they can to improve their students skills…and then some. This is a place where future scientists and engineers realize their potential. This is Brehm Robotics Team #2219, or as they are more commonly known, Team Megahurts.

Neil R. (Senior)

February 14th, 2010
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