FIRST Team 2219

If it ain't broke…wait a minute

Megahurts Code Repository (click below to learn more)

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We are working on building a code repository for the old and new control systems for FRC teams as well as code for Vex, and Lego League teams. We will also be posting code for individual components such as cameras, sonic sensors and other hardware.

All code will be tested and posted in a known working condition. Stay tuned for updates.

Supported Robotics Programs (click below to learn more)

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This section introduces you to all of the programs that the Megahurts and team members are a part of.

Classroom Resources for Science and Technology Curricula (click below to learn more)

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This section is meant to be a resource for students and teachers looking to expand or improve science, and technology related programs in elementary and high school environments. Here you will find lab ideas, lesson plans, and supplies for a wide range of scientific fields. We have taken time to break down the links into a few key sections, Lesson Plans; Teacher Resources; Classroom Science; Robotics Programs; Materials and Supplies. Each section has a brief description and links to sites outside of our own.

Take a look around, we welcome feedback. This is our work in progress, if you have a project that you have done at your school, we would love to hear about it; send us pictures and information and we will post it to this section.