FIRST Team 2219

If it ain't broke…wait a minute


When you think of a mentor, what comes to mind? A leader? A teacher? A knowledge base to learn from? These are all something that members of the Brehm FIRST Robotics Team; #2219, a.k.a. “Megahurts” think of when they think “mentor.”
We’ve got engineers, we’ve got programmers, we’ve got everything we need and more to accomplish our goals, and it comes from our amazing Mentors! These people have taught us almost everything we know, and they are always willing and able to teach us more. They’re college students, some are in graduate school, and some are even going for a Ph.D.
Everyday they teach us more; they show us how to put together pneumatic systems; they help us wire the electronics; plus the robotics team wouldn’t be running if they didn’t do what they do everyday: handle the money, financial concerns, and schedule for the team! This is not to say that we, as students, are incompetent, but that our mentors make sure we are doing what we need to do, when we need to do it, in the way it needs to be done. In addition to the physical robot-building part of it, we have a media-mentor for help with the website, and everything from photos to videos to even this article!
We even have a “Robotics Mom!” One of the teachers at Brehm helps out with the team; she goes where we go, helps with our transportation needs, and even cooks on the weekends!
I would just like to say, “Thank you Joe V., Joe S., Jon, Dave, Phil, Chrissy, Jen, Andy, Dustin, Robin, Chad, and our Robo-Mom… Kristin!”

January 9th, 2010
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