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2009 – 2010 FIRST Competition: Breakaway Archive

FIRST plays soccer with a twist:

This is the real World Cup

FIRST is a “varsity sport of the mind.” This year’s challenge was to design a robot that could play soccer, with a few changes. Our team worked vigorously to challenge the limits of our knowledge, trying new drive systems and making the smallest, and densest robot the team has ever produced. Our students worked with instructors from John A Logan Community College and students from Southern Illinois University to learn how to use Autodesk Inventor to meet this year’s challenge.


2008 – 2009 FIRST Competition: LUNACY Archive

FIRST Celebrates 40th anniversary of Moon landing

with a new game field.

Lunacy is played on a 54×27 low friction field that simulates driving on the surface of the moon. Robots are equipped with slippery wheels and payload trailers. Lunacy game pieces are “Orbit Balls” designated as Moon Rocks, Empty Cells, or Super Cells. Two three-team robot alliances collect and score Orbit Balls in trailers attached to the opposing teams robots. Human players are positioned around the perimeter of the arena and can score from their stations………


2007 – 2008 FIRST Competition: Overdrive Archive

Air Power Drives Megahurts to a Top-Twenty

Finish in St. Louis Regional

Our rookie year we spent much of the “off season” learning the basics of building and programming robotics. With that knowledge in hand, we used the fall of 2007 to learn more advanced concepts and establish a working knowledge of pneumatic systems and more complicated drive systems. These new skills helped us excel in the 2007 – 2008 season challenge “FIRST OVERDRIVE.” Our four-wheel-drive bot was able to effectively compete in the autonomous portion of the competition and we were able to control the track-ball game piece with our pneumatic arms and ball hitter……..

2006 – 2007 FIRST Competition: Rack ‘N’ Roll Archive

Come see what our Rookie Year was all about

Rack ‘N’ Roll was Team# 2219’s thrust into FIRST Robotics. In the fall of 2006 our team learned basic robotics concepts with the aid of two Vex Kits and the team mentors; Three college students from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Through sheer will, our robot was completed and shipped to competition; no small feat for a rookie team……..