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Rack N Roll Archive Page

Rack ‘N’ Roll was Team# 2219’s thrust into FIRST Robotics. In the fall of 2006 our team learned basic robotics concepts with the aid of two Vex Kits and the team mentors; Three college students from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Through sheer will, our robot was completed and shipped to competition; no small feat for a rookie team. We had no major corporate sponsors, we did not even have a machine shop until 3 weeks into the build season when we bought a mill/lathe. Our robot was not the prettiest or most efficient at the game, but it was done and running. It was a shining example of “make it work.” We had everything but the kitchen sink on the bot; garage door springs, wood, silastic tubing…you name it we tried it.

Most importantly though, it (the robot) was a source of pride for our team and our school. Brehm is a small school; there are FRC teams bigger than our entire student body. Our rookie year was a learning experience, mostly of what not to do, for both our team members and team mentors.

This page is our season archive for our rookie year. THe links on the left will take you to the 2007 Game Animation, a team photo gallery and media resources for the 2007 Game “Rack ‘N’ Roll.” Graphic files in this section are large, so be patient. The FIRST FRC Logo and Game Logo are in .eps format. Please adhere to the FIRST Logo Standards (also found below).

Our 2007 Rack ‘N’ Roll Robot

Season Resources

Rack ‘N’ Roll Logo
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2007 Game Manual
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