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Starting our Rookie Year

The first time I walked into the lab, I saw the team hard at work at unofficial stations setup around the room. The tables were furnished with tools and metal parts surrounding the project, expensive looking computers lay open with workers busily clicking and typing away. There were manuals and papers of all kinds showing different diagrams and complicated instructions. There room was abuzz with chatter in a form of the English language almost impossible for a person not on the team to understand. If I told you nothing else, you would think this was a group of college-educated scientists working on their latest high-tech project to give to the 21st century. Before continuing, it must be said that this is a group of young high-school students working on a project that could win them thousands of dollars in scholarship. If not, at the very least, the sense of accomplishment you feel when everything is done and you have completed the project.

This is the vision of Joe Viscomi, our technology director. Joe, with the help of students from Southern Illinois University, will mentor a core team of nine Brehm students participating in a regional competition designed and run by the organization FIRST. First, founded and created in 1989, is a non-for-profit organization whose purpose is to inspire students nationwide to take hold of their interests in science and technology and put their determination to good use. In this competition, the robot and parts of our team will take the playing field, while other members will stand at home base and control the situation from the sidelines.

The students have been working for almost two months and have recently begun building their robot. They are only part way through, however, because before they could begin to build, there was a long process of learning and cooperation. According to Scott D, a student member of the team “We had to get to know everybody first and review past competitions.” We have a long way to go, but so far the adrenaline is running high and everyone is in good spirits.

By: Sarah F, Sophomore, Brehm Preparatory School


Scott D, quote.

January 15th, 2007
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