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STEM Education is a Foundation


By: Joseph J. Viscomi

In the latest Draft version of the National Education Technology Plan ( Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology ) found here strongly indicates an agenda of improving STEM education in schools. Anyone that is involved in education should see the immediate need to foster young minds as they are the next great problem solvers of our world. After all, they will be cleaning up our mess and that is going to be one tall order unless we change! Being an engineer myself I hold the same values FIRST talks and teaches to its youth, and I recognize the need to improve the STEM education in this country, but I think we are already doing that! Of course when I say ‘WE’ I am speaking of the FIRST community!

After being involved personally with the program as a mentor for the past 4 years and helping transform young adult lives with complex learning disabilities to fully envision their true potential and impact that can have in the science and technology community. I see NO better way than including FIRST at some level into the education curriculum in this country! We have been so successful at Brehm incorporating this into our culture that STEM is just part of what we do now, and there is just no getting around it!

I encourage everyone that supports FIRST and believes in this worthy cause to follow the link to and leave a comment to that effect! The only way to get adoption is to spread the word! Then Send a copy to your state senators, FIRST is the way to successful STEM education – especially STEM education for LD children and this should be an effort funded at the Federal level!

April 23rd, 2010
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