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The Megahurts put on a show at the SIUC College of Engineering

On October 25, the Megahurts joined together with robotics clubs from the College of Engineering at Southern Illinois University Carbondale for the Robotics Showcase at the annual Southern Illinois University Intelligent Systems Conference. The SIUIS conference series aims to provide students and faculty with an opportunity to meet distinguished representatives from various world-class companies and research labs. SIUIS:3 offers 3 days of presentations from experienced individuals in the field of technology and business. SIUIS:3 also provides students the opportunity to present ongoing research activities in Engineering at SIUC and student projects such as the Robotics showcase. SIUIS:3 also hosted a career correspondence in order to connect motivated students with top-companies in the field of technology. The conference was attended by students and faculty from SIUC, surrounding schools and field professionals from the Saint Louis and Southern Illinois Regions.

More than 200 people from the surrounding community, mostly engineers, witnessed the sheer awesomeness of the Megahurts competition robot from the 2008 FIRST Overdrive Competition, 2 practice VEX robots and 1 robot under construction. Student members of Team Megahurts are at the same knowledge level of students at the University giving the professors and students the first impression that they are college students and not high school students. The Megahurts continue to show support by providing parts and experience to the SIU-NAIT Club for their Robotics Competition in Nashville, Tennessee. Which they subsequently won, with support from some Megahurts Mentors. The Showcase at SIU was a great experience for the students of Team Megahurts and allowed them to show our local Engineering community what is going on at Brehm Preparatory School. This coming Winter the Megahurts will join with the College of Engineering to help them host their annual Vex Robot competition.

David Gitz
Jonathan Cohen

FRC Mentors
Team #2219: The Megahurts

October 26th, 2008
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