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Twelve Days

TWELVE DAYS…there are twelve days left in the FIRST Lunacy build season. Around the world over 1000 teams are rushing to put the final touches on their robots so that they can compete in this year’s FIRST Robotics competition. Our team is no different. We had our doubts a few weeks ago, the robot was still a scattering of parts and ideas; it seemed like such a huge task to design and build this complex machine under deadline. Now twelve days out we too are putting the final parts together, our machine is driving, shooting (most of the time), picking up balls and not crashing into things as we test code.

It has been an exciting, and stressful build season. Our robot features a double helix ball storage design; similar to a spiral staircase for game pieces that leads to a rotating turret on the top of the robot. This design differs greatly from the one we thought of on day one; a giant rotating storage/shooting turret with gears, belts, rollers and everything else that we could think of to put on it. Our existing and final design is simple yet efficient in completing its task. Hopefully that means there is less that could break as all of the robots slide across the regolith floor into each other.

In anticipation of the more frequent “accidental” contact with other robots, our team has transitioned from a bolted kit-bot frame to a frame of welded aluminum. We could not have done this with out the help of some very dedicated student mentors from the Southern Illinois University College of Engineering who showed us how to properly weld the frame and help us with some critical welds.

We are charging forward in these final few days to finish and test our bot before the 17th. Stay tuned for updates about our bot and for pictures and video from the 2009 competition FIRST Lunacy.

The team would also like to thank all of our team sponsors; we could not participate in this program with out your generous support and guidance.

Thank You.

Megahurts Media Team

February 6th, 2009
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