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If it ain't broke…wait a minute



So to wrap things up, I am adding the final chapter into this series of articles on the FIRST Robotics Competition, St. Louis Regional for team #2219 Megahurts. This season, at least so far, was bittersweet. We came, we saw, we fell short.- But all is not lost! – We are going to the Minneapolis Competition as well.

We had a tough time getting our software to sync-up with the FIRST software. As well as having some difficulties with the size and shortness of our robot’s underside on the arena carpet.

All that aside; I have learned much, have laughed often, and have loved the experience. So I would call it a success, at least from a personal level. I say this because we didn’t get picked for an alliance, and we didn’t win, but we did build a functional robot, actually to make it to the regional, and we did compete. Now how many times have you heard that said?

So for now we wait patiently for Minneapolis, and next year.

Your Team #2219 Megahurts Chief Journalist,
– Neil

March 19th, 2010
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