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Welcome Back Megahurts to the 2008 – 2009 School Year

From the Team Captain:

The 2008-2009 Brehm Robotics team is the largest team we have had in our brief history. This year, we have some very ambitious plans, and we are developing even bigger plans for the years to come.

Our web site is going to be a full-time endeavor this year, with several students dedicated to updating it. Keep your eye on our web site for regular updates, including articles, pictures, podcasts, videos and more.

On the robot creation side of things, we have a few projects we intend to complete prior to the January build season. We are working on two robots that will be part of an exhibition and interactive display for the upcoming parent’s weekend. One will be a standard robot with a few neat updates. The other is a state-of-the-art new robot that, we promise you, will “rock”.

The Megahurts are also showing their dedication to the community. We are currently working with Lewis Elementary School in Carbondale to start FIRST Lego League team. This is part of a larger plan that we hope to implement over the next few years that includes, sponsoring new FIRST Tech teams at local Junior High Schools and starting a local Vex competition.

Brehm Robotics is also making a big push in the publicity department. We have been contacting local businesses as well as corporations with a whole new professional sponsorship strategy. There will be levels of giving for sponsors, with rewards associated with each level. Of course, the biggest reward is knowing that you are helping the Megahurts spread excitement of science and technology to southern Illinois and the Brehm community.

Our team Mentors are finalizing a proposal to be submitted to the U.S. Congress requesting funding to build a facility at Brehm dedicated to Robotics. This 8,000 square foot building will house team Megahurts and allow us to host events that will promote science and technology in the community. It will be equipped with a machine shop, a class room, a practice field for testing the robots, a programming lab, a mechanical building room, a media lab, a conference room and offices. The proposed building will be located directly on the waterfront of Brehm Lake. This will be a building that is on the cutting edge of green-building design. The goal is to achieve the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum certification making it the greenest building in the State of Illinois. (

Despite every aspect of robotics being bolstered, we are not skimping on the main part of any FIRST team: the competition robot. This year, we have rethought our strategy. Look for our robot to be the one scoring big points out there on the field. We also hope to attend more than one regional competition, and possibly, the nationals in Atlanta. This increased travel will help our team members gain more experience and exposure to the FIRST program.

This is an exciting time for Team 2219, the Megahurts. Much of what we do is greatly beneficial to the school, the students and the community, but it is only possible with your support. Join us at this Fall’s Parents Weekend and try out our robots for your self. Come see why we have such a great time. We are counting on the Brehm community to as we hope to realize our ambitions.

Many Thanks,


Team Captain: Megahurts #2219

September 1st, 2008
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